Best Wash Bike 

Italian quality made for motorbike enthusiasts

Our Story

Learn how the first automatic motorbike washing system in Italy was designed and built.

Our Mission

What motivates us daily to deliver the best possible washing service?

Our Vision

Our goal is ambitious, but we will not stop until we reach it.


Our Story

Great stories start from the best opportunities. Ours began in Milan in 2009 , where a group of Italian-Spanish entrepreneurs decided to use the best resources available in the Italian territory to develop an intelligent and versatile product, capable of solving the concrete problems of anyone who deals with the world of motorcycling.


Our CEO Paolo Tolda presenting Best Wash Bike at a motorbike exposition event


A previous version of BWBMatic developed for the first demos

For the research and development of the project, engineers, chemists, carpenters and workers were selected to tested and modified numerous product prototypes for years.


The result of their commitment and their consistency is BWBMatic, the first patented motorbike washing system entirely made in Italy, where technology is synonymous with quality.

BWBMatic has been shown in frot  of thousands of amazed bikers and bike enthusiasts, who had the opportunity to admire it at the International Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan (EICMA).

It was 2018, the year in which a new chapter started in the history of our company. Our mission evolves, but our goal does not change: to offer the best to our customers, showing the potential and quality of italian made technology.


The new version of BWBMatic at the EICMA exposition of Milan in 2018


Our Mission

"We help bikers enjoy their motorbike to the fullest"

Our mission is guided by the passion for excellence and attention to detail, the same that lead motorcyclists to take care of their bikes. Preserving performance, efficiency and aesthetics over time requires work, money and energy. There was no simple, reliable and quick way to take care of your vehicle, so we invented it.


We have put vehicles, bikers and businesses at the center of everything, whether it is a small or large number of washes needed. We did this by promoting the best of technology with low environmental impact and low cost, to guarantee a simple, efficient and accessible service that will transform the washing of your motorcycle into a moment of pleasure.

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Our Vision

Best Wash Bike aims to reach every motorcycle enthusiast, changing the Italian landscape and bringing innovation to a sector that has remained unchanged for too long.


We want to transform a wasteful, delicate and tiring activity like washing your motorcycle into a simple and pleasant habit. A habit that everyone would like to maintain daily  to keep their bike always shining.