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Does your business lead you to perform or buy a high number of washes?

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With the addition of BWBMatic you can increase the turnover of your business


BWBMatic is an investment that will improve the quality and quantity of your work. An investment that will pay off quickly by opening up new market opportunities for your business and automating the maintenance processes of a significant number of motorcycles. By relying on the high quality of the technology used, the risks associated with manual vehicle washing are drastically reduced. This allows us to offer a standardized and high quality service, low in consumption and able to multiply the amount of work with less staff commitment.


With BWBMatic just start the washing cycle and the cabin takes care of the rest. The automated process allows you to focus your attention elsewhere, saving time, money and energy while achieving exceptional results.


The ability to work at an accelerated pace, thanks to the rapid results of our system, allows you to maximize efficiency and earning capacity in the field of motorcycle washing. The business will be able to expand its range of customers to easily meet the different needs of each type of biker.


The entire structure is made of steel and aluminum, to guarantee resistance and lightness. The automated washing process is carefully calibrated to remove the maximum amount of dirt without risking damaging the parts of the bike. Using BWBMatic allows you to carry out the entire washing process, reducing the chances of damaging the vehicle and therefore lightening the task and responsibilities of the business manager.


BWBMatic is designed to save space. Its elegant and compact design allows it to find a place in any workshop, car wash and shop. Its optimized shape and minimalist aesthetic allow it to be easily installed both indoors and outdoors.


We believe in the creation of ecological and cutting-edge solutions. Therefore, the system we have developed uses controlled quantities of water, energy and detergents. The filtering and collection system of water and oils prevents the dispersion of pollutants, safeguarding the environment and reducing waste with mutual benefit for nature and for the expenses of your business.



The needs of each customer are crucial to us: each activity, each installation has a specific requirements and BWBMatic adapts to meet the practical needs of its operators.

Choose the color

BWBMatic is customizable in all colors with bright and pleasant shades, which will give the module a modern and captivating look in any environment. The machine is also available in a two-color version.

Choose the add-ons

The system can be integrated with numerous additional features to offer an extra service or to meet specific needs. These include the installation of a coin mechanism, armor plating for the technical compartment, pressure washers and dryers, a double drying system and much more.

BWBMatic in detail

Read the complete brochure to know all the technical characteristics of the machine and the possible customizations.


Create your own quote

Create your quote in a few simple steps, by entering your personal data and the customizations you want, it only takes 5 minutes!

Types of businesses that increase their turnover with the addition of BWBMatic



Car washes have always been considered the exclusive four-wheel paradise, because they often find it difficult to offer a service of equal quality to the many bikers on the road every day. By offering a service that motorcyclists cannot obtain elsewhere, a car wash business can open up to new customers and gain competitiveness, thanks to the additional possibilities that no competitor offers at a competitive price.



Taking care of the vehicles on display and offering an extra cleaning and washing service for your customers is an expensive task that does not always adapt to the conformation of the workplace. BWBMatic is an investment that transforms this activity and simplifies it in a few safe and automatic steps. In this way the business becomes synonymous with professionalism and customer care.


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Wherever there are motorbikes, mud and dust, as in a motocross circuit, BWBMatic is the ideal solution as it is able to solve in a few minutes one of the major problems associated with this extreme sport: constant care of the vehicle. Multiplying the efficiency of BWBMatic by the number of motorbikes that pass through the circuits every day, you gain new profit margins and competitive advantages.


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The image of your company is reflected in the presentation of its vehicles. For this reason, the most professional activities are very keen on the cleaning and care of their fleets of company vehicles. BWBMatic is perfect for standardizing, making it more frequent and simplifying a long and laborious process such as taking care of so many motorbikes, also allowing you to move an activity often delegated to third-party companies within your company, with considerable cost cuts.

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