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Best Wash Bike

For motorbike lovers

Each motorbike is full of its own elegance, of a unique charm that follows the harmony of its curves, of an energy that shines in the bright colors of the body that enhance its splendor.


However, to take care of your vehicle, to keep charm and energy intact, you need time, attention, products and work; resources that are not always easily available in the daily life of the biker.


Our intelligent washing system serves to combine the rhythms and needs of a full life with the desire to keep the original appearance and charm of your bike alive. It is a responsible system, created to meet the needs of motorcyclists without neglecting respect for the environment.



In a few minutes, any bike can shine again as if it had just come out of the dealer. This is how a time-consuming activity, managed with surgical precision and speed by the modulated jets of BWBMatic, adapts to everyone's needs. It will no longer be necessary to dedicate an entire afternoon to your vehicle.


Washing should regenerate your bike, not test your attention or endanger the body or electronics. We have thoroughly studied the strength of the components and the shape of each vehicle, to design a totally safe system that allows every motorcyclist to obtain impeccable results without risk.



The machine is completely made in Italy and exclusively with the best quality materials.

Thanks to the reduction of noise and water consumption, the environmental impact of BWBMatic is also lower than traditional washing.



Download the complete brochure and discover all the features of BWBMatic.

With BWBMatic you can wash

any motorbike

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